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Image Talia Kotel is an actress who has enjoyed performing on stage at Chicago suburban Willow Creek Church. But Talia, posing with her dad Tom, has made a career transition to the movies in her debut performance in Unbridled, a motion picture about troubled teen girls and rescue horses. Talia cheers on her favorite horses and riders who strut their stuff in an amazing way considering not long earlier the girls were sex-trafficked or suffering from bulimia, anorexia, suicide attempts, etc. And the horses were at death's door. Eric Roberts (Batman/Dark Knight) and TC Stallings (War Room; Courageous) star in Unbridled which was filmed in Raleigh, North Carolina February 16-March 8, 2016. Inspired... Full Story

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Image OBJECTION FILED TO TED CRUZ'S BALLOT PETITIONS: Illinois Voter Claims Ted Cruz is NOT Constitutionally Eligible to be President!
WebToday Exclusive: An Illinois voter filed an objection to the petitions of Senator Ted Cruz to be on the Illinois primary ballot in March on the grounds that Senator Cruz is not constitutionally eligible to be President. Details regarding the just-filed...Full Story

Image Wounded Service Members Board the USS Kidd
One by one, wounded veterans boarded the USS Kidd along the banks of the Mississippi River. The Fletcher-class destroyer's 38 caliber gun mounts still face the bow and the stern of the 72-year-old ship. One of the steam silos still shows the image of...Full Story

Image Nearly 50,000 Americans Sign Open Letter Supporting Dr. Ben Carson's Stand Against Sharia Law
Nearly 50,000 Americans have signed on to an open letter urging Dr. Ben Carson to stand firm in his position that Sharia Law is not consistent with the U.S. Constitution. The 2016 Committee, a political action committee raising awareness and support...Full Story

Image AJC Praises Prime Minister Netanyahu's UN Address
AJC welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's clear and compelling message to world leaders about Iran's threat to global security, Israel's commitment to achieving peace with the Palestinians, and to ending the UN's obsession with bashing...Full Story

Image US Marines Forced to Accept Pedophile Boy Play
In Muslim Afghanistan, men often seek young boys for entertainment and sexual pleasure. The practice, known as “bacha bazi” where the boys are dressed as seductive females and forces them to dance provocatively for groups of wealthy businessmen and...Full Story

Image Trump Beats Hillary in Latest Poll Donald Trump continues to amaze. In the latest poll he beat Hillary Clinton 45% to 40%. But the 5% lead isn’t the amazing part. What is truly amazing is that when SurveyUSA did their prior two polls, Hillary...Full Story

Image Leaving Lies, Embracing Forgiveness, Freedom by Jill Tomlinson
The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). That scripture is from the book of John, chapter 10, verse 10 in the Amplified Bible....Full Story

A girl drowned because her father refused to allow rescuers from touching her. His reasoning was that it was better to lose a daughter than to have her 'defiled' by being touched by a strange male lifeguard. Such is the norm in the Islamic religion....Full Story

Image 5-year-old 'Interviews' Trump on his Opponents
Melody, a 5-year-old Newscaster and political pundit, ‘interviews’ Donald Trump about his Political Opponents on her talk show, "A Moment with Melody." ANNOUNCER: Welcome to today's edition of A Moment with Melody with your host... MELODY: Melody!...Full Story

Image Obama Wealth Redistribution Questioned by 5-year-old
Obama's Redistribution of Wealth was questioned 5-year-old political commentator, Melody. She uses the example of working to earn her allowance and to save up enough money to buy some ice cream. The before she gets to eat it, Obama forces her to give...Full Story

Image Rush Limbaugh says: Media "Stumped," Searching for Motive of Chattanooga
Video: Following the fatal shooting of four unarmed U.S. Marines in Chattanooga by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, Rush Limbaugh had a belly full of the blatant lies and obscuration by Obama and his complicity...Full Story

Image "THE ONE": Obama's Hidden hand signals...CHILLING!
How's this for proof hidden in plain sight? We received an email from Islamic scholar IQ al Rassooli containing a sequence of 10 photos which we converted into a video. It is brilliant. You can never "un-see" the two pictures at the end. Muslims...Full Story

Image Supreme Court Abercrombie Fitch Decision for Religious Liberty
Full Story

Image China's Dirty Little Secret: They owe US MORE than we owe Them! China has a dirty little secret they don't want anyone to know about. It's this: China owes the United States more money than we owe them. But for political reasons, both governments are ignoring the 100 ton...Full Story

Full Story

Image Obama's Name rearranged tells who he REALLY is. Mind boggling!!!
Barack Obama's name rearranged tells who he really is. This 60 second video is so mind boggling you just have to see it. The odds of this being mere coincidence must be in the range of a million to one or maybe a billion to one! Full Story

Image What a Liberal Democrat Utopia looks like
This is what a Liberal Democrat Utopia looks like: Full Story

Image Ebola presents new ethical, legal challenges for health care system, by Lawrence Joyce
When Ebola victim Thomas Duncan arrived from Liberia on Sept. 20, less than 20,000 people had contracted this disease. According to the CDC, however, as many as 1.4 million people could become Ebola victims just three months from now. And who knows how...Full Story

Image EBOLA: Clarion Call for Quarantines The Associate Press has disclosed the name of the first known Ebola victim in the United States as 42-year-old Thomas Eric Duncan, who flew in from his home in Monrovia, Liberia...Full Story

Image Russia warns USA over Air strikes against ISIL/ISIS in Syria
Full Story

Image Top 10 Quran Verses for Understanding ISIS
Here are the ten verses I cite in the video: Qur’an 3:32—Say: Obey Allah and the Apostle; but if they turn back, then surely Allah does not love the unbelievers. Qur’an 48:29—is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against...Full Story

Full Story

Full Story

Image Obama says Islamic State is Not Islamic!
Full Story

Image EBOLA: 2 + 2 = Terror
By Lawrence J. Joyce: In an article by Drew Zahn which appeared just recently on World Net Daily, and which was likewise featured on Drudge Report, the author states that according to U.S. authorities, the illegal aliens pouring across our southern...Full Story

Image Catch that Cameo
Why is that 'special friend' of Jason Burkey in the movie, A LONG WAY OFF? Time's up. It's Brittany Hensley!Full Story

Why the Silence About the Powerful Pro-Life Message of the Movie Noah? By Lawrence J. Joyce Darren Aronofsky’s movie Noah unleashed a deluge of criticism even before it was released. Perhaps that was to be expected. Aronofsky touches on a very sensitive...Full Story

Image HOBBY LOBBY INADVERTANTLY INVESTED $73 MILLION DOLLARS IN 401K FUNDS IN ABORTION PILL MANUFACTURER: What is a reasonable time for them to divest from their error?
As the Supreme Court deliberates as to whether Hobby Lobby has the moral right to deny their employees abortion pills, it has been discovered that Hobby Lobby's 401 (k) employee retirement fund has invested $73 million into manufacturers of the morning...Full Story

Image The Possible Fly-By-Wire-Jacking of Flight 370 by Lawrence J. Joyce
Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, USAF (ret.), has recently gained notoriety for his statements on Fox News in which he expressed the opinion that Malaysian Flight 370 was hijacked, possibly to Pakistan. Others have speculated that if that is so, could this...Full Story

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama from “Be Someone” Founder, Orrin Hudson Good day, Mr. President, I have an invitation and a challenge to offer you! But first, let me applaud you for your “My Brother’s Keeper” program that pledges to spend...Full Story

After Sixty Rocket Attacks on Israeli cities in just 24 hours, Israeli tanks are on the attack against Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to retake full Israeli control of Gaza....Full Story

Like the Jamaican bobsled team before them, two sisters from Hawaii are looking to warm the hearts of the spectators at the Olympic Games in Sochi by doing what comes naturally, sharing the island lifestyle at the Winter Games. Kyrie Eleison and Alle’...Full Story

You may have heard the sad news. North Carolina's "Choose Life" license plates were banned February 11th. But it doesn't have to be the end of the story. Steve Eastman is the writer/producer of this powerful short video that shows the ironic wisdom...Full Story

Image Barack Obama's Brother Implicated in IRS Scandal!
The IRS scandal could turn out to be the greatest scandal in US political history. Not only will it show the criminal behavior of people in the radical who work within our Federal government, who have conspired under the direction of the White House...Full Story

Image 10 Quotes from Rahul Gandhi's Speech, Delivered with Political Wwagger
Rahul Gandhi is different things to different people. Narendra Modi caustically calls him Shahzada underlining Gandhi’s dynastic heritage but sans any sagacity. Arvind Kejriwal, not one given to language that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, had thought...Full Story

Image OUR BANK ACCOUNTS ARE NOT SAFE: Futurist/Author Warns Government, Banks Targeting Private Accounts
Do you think your bank account deposits are safe? Don't bank on it. That's according to Lowell Ponte, former editor of Readers Digest and think tank futurist. According to Ponte, last month, Stephen Cotton walked into London-based giant HSBC to...Full Story

Image REGIME CHANGE: Articles of Impeachment against Obama by Rep. Steve Stockman
Congressman Steve Stockman stormed out of Obama's State of the Union address and announced he's considering filing articles of impeachment against Obama. One his web site Congressman Stockman wrote, "Obama defiantly vowed not only to radically expand...Full Story

Image Snakebite victim charged $89,000 for 18-hour hospital stay
VIDEO: How many times have our mothers or spouses nagged us men into taking out the trash? For some reason, males often seem to begrudge that mundane task more than most. Kind of like picking up...Full Story

Image Obama Executive Order Raises Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors
Barack Obama is making good on his threat to rule the Kingdom of The United States solo, mono a mono, alone--all by himself. In his first in a series of unconstitutional dictatorial Executive Orders he has just raised minimum wage by a whopping...Full Story

Image Top Benghazi Official wasn’t Fired—but PROMOTED!
We were told 3 high ranking State Dept. officials ‘resigned’ after the release of the incriminating Benghazi investigation. Unfortunately, this not to be true. The purported resignations were really giving a little vacation time until the heat had...Full Story

Image TSA Agents will NOT Pat Down This Band of Brothers
TSA agents at airports continue to pat down our wives, daughters, sisters and brothers. But there is one group of brothers who are not patted down. And just who is this band of brothers who are spared from the humiliation of airport pat downs? ...The...Full Story

Image Russian Olympics Terror Threat vs Political Correctness
ABC TV and George Stephanopolous are a national embarrassment in Russia. Watch this and weep.Full Story

Image 7 Things You Should Never Say to a Dog Owner
There are 7 things you should never say to a dog owner. That's according to an article in Yahoo! Shine. Here the snarling 7: 1) "You Have Dogs Because You Don't Have Kids, Right?" 2) "Oh, Your Dog Died? Well, Get Another One!" 3) "Dogs Should...Full Story

Image Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support-to Lesbian Mother!
A judge in Kansas ruled that a sperm donor must pay child support to a child conceived by a lesbian. it all started back in 2009 when William Marotta answered a Craig's List classified ad soliciting a man to donate sperm to a lesbian couple. Marotta...Full Story

On January 23, 2014 a health warning in Consumer Reports was issued about how caramel color in cola soft drinks is suspected of causing cancer! The possibly cancer-causing culprit according to Consumer Reports is a chemical by the name of 4-methylimidazole...Full Story

It's one thing to see conservatives call for Obama's impeachment. But when a growing number of prominent liberals start mentioning the "I" word, an imminent reality of impeachment fills the air. Famous liberal journalist Nat Hentoff is not impressed...Full Story

Trust in government has sunk to an all time low. That's according to an article in O'Dwyers magazine, the 'bible' of the public relations industry, The article says that the majority of Americans distrust government with the number sitting at only...Full Story

Do you revel in sending and receiving text messages? Chances are that you had shared them all with Big Brother aka NSA sitting pretty in Fort Meade, Maryland, USA. Trust Snowden to come up with mind-boggling figures! He has revealed that National Security...Full Story

Image Huffington Post warns El Nino Twice as Likely from Global Warming
Liberal Linda: Hi, Ken, have you heard that El Nino weather patterns are twice as likely to occur in our current global warming world? Conservative Ken: Where did you hear that? Liberal Linda: I read it in the Huffington Post. Conservative Ken:...Full Story

Image New Olympic Event: Drones vs. Black Widows
With the 2014 Winter Olympics set for February, there may just be a new even making its debut: Drone Races. Could you imagine during a downhill skiing run, hearing the announcer saying, "The winner is...a United States surveillance drone?" followed...Full Story

Image Governor Cuomo tells Republicans they are not welcome in New York state
New York's Republican Governor Andrew Cuomo just made what might be the most ignorant, divisive remark to fellow Republicans in the history of the Party. The New York Post reported that during a radio broadcast Cuomo rattled off the core coalitions...Full Story

Image What's the difference between Obamacare and a Chicago street gang?
What's the difference between Obamacare and a Chicago street gang? The answer: You can get out of a street gang... It's not quite so easy to disenroll from Obamacare. Don't get me wrong. When a person leaves a gang they get out bruised and bloody--probably...Full Story

Image 29 Reasons You Think God Can't Use You
There are many reasons you think God can't use you. But don't worry. You're in good company . . . Moses stuttered. David's armor didn't fit. John Mark was rejected by Paul. Timothy had ulcers. Hosea's wife was a prostitute. Amos' only...Full Story

A guy is walking along a beach in Tel Aviv when he comes across a lamp partially buried in the sand. He picks up the lamp and gives it a rub. A genie appears and tells him he has been granted one wish. The guy thinks for a moment and says, "I...Full Story

Iran has announced to the world that they have put suspended enriching of nuclear bomb grade uranium. So, can we now collectively exhale? Hardly. Because ‘suspending’ enrichment is nothing more than pressing the pause button while watching a TV show....Full Story

Obama said Marijuana is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol during an interview with The New Yorker magazine. Obama said, "I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes." So what kind of...Full Story

Image What if Bush ruled by Executive Decree as Obama vows to do?
The following video shows just how in the tank the major news media are for Obama. The illustrate this point, we made a one word change to this news report. Wherever the name 'Obama' comes up, we simply substituted the name, "George Bush." Oh, here...Full Story

Image Obama plot to black out 40 percent of US power supply
In 2008, in a campaign for hope and change, Barack Obama promised he would "bankrupt" coal plant owners and force energy prices to "skyrocket" across the U.S. as part of his plan to combat 'global warming' . And did Barack Obama keep his campaign promise?...Full Story

Image Offline doesn't mean off NSA radar! Radio waves sees data even offline!
The National Security Agency has placed software on nearly 100,000 computers around the world. It allows the U.S. to conduct surveillance on those machines using radio frequency technology. The secret technology allows the agency to gain access to computers...Full Story

Image First-grader told to stop talking about Bible
A 6-year-old girl was humiliated when her teacher cut-off her one-minute oral report in school and told to sit down. And what was the grievous offense she committed? She talked about... the bible! The teacher from Helen Hunt-Jackson Elementary School...Full Story

Image All 9 Oscar Films have CON Themes!
Full Story

Image Obama plot: Black out '40% of U.S. power supply'
In 2008, in a campaign for hope and change, Barack Obama promised he would “bankrupt” coal plant owners and force energy prices to “skyrocket” across the U.S. as part of his plan to combat 'global warming' . And did Barack Obama keep his campaign...Full Story

Image Benghazi report says attack was PREVENTABLE!
On January 15, 2014 the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee FINALLY concluded that the Benghazi attack killing Chris Stevens and other Americans was, was, get this: PREVENTABLE! They finally admit it--after 16 months. And had it not been for relentless...Full Story

Image BENGHAZI BOOGEYMAN: Ansar al-Sharia 'found' after 16 months of stonewalling by State Dept.
It's been 16 months since the despicable cowardly murder and cover-up in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. To keep the truth from coming out regarding the murder four Americans including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, the Obama Administration went...Full Story

Image OBAMA: All in a Day's Work
Ah, all in a day's work... Obama was trained by Saul Alinsky, author of the book, "Rules for Radicals." Barak Obama followed his leader throughout his days as a Community Organizer for ACORN, shaking down businesses in exchange for not branding them...Full Story

Image 'Hand of God' captured by NASA Telescope
A NASA space telescope has just captured what appears to be the 'hand of God.' You can't make this stuff up. But no sooner did NASA publish the photo did secular scientists jump all over this story bending over backwards to explain how cosmic explosions...Full Story

Image AS THE WORM TURNS: Dennis Rodman Apologizes over comments in North Korea
Ah, as the worm turns... Dennis Rodman created an international incident while visiting the Communist nation of North Korea. But to his credit he issued an apology for veering off into making some bizarre political comments, rather than sticking his...Full Story

Image New Gay Plague? Illinois Nightmare Bacteria Outbreak
Have you heard about the nightmare bacteria outbreak in Illinois? The bug, Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae lives in human intestines. It is resistant to antibiotics. It has a unique enzyme that breaks down antibiotics. But there is one...Full Story

Will California soon be splitting into 6 States? Venture Capitalist Tim Draper is leading the charge--with his pocketbook--to have the 6 for 1 state split ballot initiative become reality. The proposed new six states from north to south are called:...Full Story

Image One thing money can't buy: Poverty! (until now) Hits 50 yr. high
Have you heard about the latest historic benchmark in the Obama Administration's promise of hope and change? We have now reached yet another milestone: A 50 year high in...Poverty! That's right. 50 years after liberal President Lyndon Baines Johnson...Full Story

Image Best 30 seconds you've ever spent: Block cell phone from Telemarketers
This may be the best 30 seconds you've ever spent. All cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies. so, unless you do something, you are about to be bombarded with telemarketing calls to your cell phone. You have to pay for those...Full Story

Image Defense Secretary Gates Criticizes Obama
Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is about to drop a bombshell criticizing Obama's ability to lead the military. That's according to Bob Woodward of the Washington Times. You know, the reporter who busted Richard Nixon for his involvement...Full Story

Image Escaped prisoner surrenders to escape arctic air
Just how cold is cold? And what is a person willing to do to escate the cold? With wind chills around 20 below in Kentucky, an escaped prison inmate just couldn't take freedom. 42 year old Robert Vick had been serving a 6-year sentence for burglary...Full Story

Newsflash: Today I have some good news and bad news. Which do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Too bad this isn't an interactive video like an online video game. Well, here's the good news: Bigfoot reportedly been found in California....Full Story

Janet Yellen has just been confirmed by the U.S. Senate to Head Fake Fed. For those that didn't get the memo, there is nothing real about the Federal Reserve. It is neither federal nor reserve. There also is nothing real about the U.S. Dollar...Full Story

We've heard a lot in the news lately about polar vortexes. But what exactly are they? Polar vortexes are like hurricanes except they are cold air masses that swirl around over the north pole and suck all the cold air into their circular web. Normally...Full Story

FBI #1 Mission No Longer Law Enforcement!!! Full Story

Image Obama Jailing Nuns, Letting Terrorists free?
Obama Jailing Nuns, Letting Terrorists free?Full Story

Full Story

Image Sarah Palins New Book About Christmas
This is Sarah Palin's new book on Protecting Christmas.In her New York Times bestsellers Going Rogue and America by Heart, Sarah Palin revealed the strong Christian faith that has guided her life and family. In Good Tidings and Great Joy she calls for...Full Story

Image Colombian security forces accuse FARC terrorists of polluting river
By: Jim Kouri - Colombian government officials accused the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) terrorists on Friday of purposely polluting a river in a jungle region of the southern district of Putumayo. "The FARC is causing environmental pollution...Full Story

Image Obamacare for illegal aliens? HHS provides free medication to lawbreakers
By:Jim Kouri - While millions of United States citizens are in the process of losing their healthcare insurance and being forced into participating in the bureaucratic fiasco known as Obamacare, American taxpayers annually dole out huge sums to medically...Full Story

Image Obama is 'Liar in Chief,' declares top Washington gun rights lobbyist
By:Jim Kouri - "The designation Liar in Chief easily can be added to the list of Obama's titles as president," said gun-policy maven John Snyder, who serves on the board of advisers of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and as an editor with...Full Story

Image Los Zetas boss 'Taliban' extradited from Mexico to U.S.
By:Jim Kouri One of Mexico's top drug kingpins, known as "Taliban," and leader of its most deadly and violent crime gangs faces a life sentence in the United States, according to the Justice Department on Friday. Ivan Velasquez-Caballero, a/k/a “Taliban”...Full Story

Image Obama FBI Partners with Left-Wing Extremist Group
By:Matt Barber The magnitude of this Obama administration’s “progressive” radicalism becomes more evident with each passing day. In recent months, there has been a drastic spike in acts of both anti-Christian and anti-conservative discrimination and...Full Story

Full Story

Image NSA Collected 500,000,000 "Buddy Lists"!
Full Story

Full Story

Image So this is what the end of the world looks like! (Government Shutdown isn't so bad after all)
I always wondered what the end of the world would look like. Today is the middle of day on of the 'dreaded' government shutdown. And what's it look like? My mail is still being delivered because they drive their income largely from the sale of postage...Full Story

Image NPR has a new sponsor: Al Jazeera!
Al Jazeera, a former Arab language-only TV network, is expanding into the American market, thanks to help from two American institutions — one a broadcaster and the other a politician.Full Story

Image OBAMA'S PROMISED CHANGE: Stripping our Judeo-Christian Heritiage to make the U.S. the new Evil Empire, Prompting Putin to Remind Us Preaching: "God Created All Men Equal"
For anyone who has ever observed a pendulum, there is one thing that is certain: change. And political pendulums and even countries change. Not long ago China and Russia were hard line Communist regimes that allowed little freedom of commerce...Full Story

Image Million Muslim March Dud Draws 25 People!
When it was announced that there was to be a Million Muslim March in Washington on September 11, 2013, a lot of people thought that was in poor taste. Many thought such an event was showing insensitivity and disregard for the victims of the 9-11 attack....Full Story

Image Thief Returns Money w. 33% Interest!
A store owner in Tennessee was pleasantly surprised when a thief who robbed him at gunpoint 11 years earlier decided to return the money with 25% interest. This just goes to show you that not all news is bad news. Making amends with restitution...Full Story

Obama' plan for bombing Syria without approval by Congress was wholly unconstitutional. And now his 'behind closed doors' presentation of 'evidence' to Congress of chemical weapons use by the Assad regime is full of holes. That's according to Senator...Full Story

Image Libya: Lawlessness and Ruin & Media Blackout
You've probably heard the terms, "Gaddafi" or "Benghazi" or "Libya." But what you probably have not heard in the mainstream media is that Libya has descended into lawlessness and ruin. Things have gotten so bad over there since Obama helped overthrow...Full Story

Image ECSTASY DRUG OVERDOSE: 2 Dead, 4 Critical
Two young people are dead from apparent Ecstasy overdoses. Four more are hospitalized and in critical condition. This tragedy occurred as 100,000 ravers showed up at the Electric Zoo on Randall Island, NY to hear a music concert. As a result of the...Full Story

Image Who's this Child Star, All Grown Up?
Take a look at this face. Does it look familiar? No, it's not Lindsay Lohan. And it's not Miley Cyrus. She's actually a child star from movies like Dreamer, I am Sam, and the voice of Coraline. Here name's Dakota Fanning and she's now 19-years-old....Full Story

Image Kerry's Story Tests Positive for Baloney in Saran Wrap
Obama must really be desperate for a spokesman. He lost Rahm Emmanuel to Chicago and Hillary has her sights set on 2016 and would like to put some distance between her and PinocchiObama. So who does that leave for a military story whitewasher?...Full Story

Image U.S. Military Equates Founding Fathers w. Al Qaeda
Did you know that Barack Obama has the US military teaching an indoctrination course that equates our founding fathers to al Qaeda? In some sort of twisted liberal politically correct logic, dumping tea into the Boston Harbor is the moral equivalent...Full Story

Image What if it were a "Limited Strike" on US?
Turnabout is fair play, as they say. But it feels a bit different when you're the target. As the world knows, Obama is poised to wage a "limited strike" against Syria. We're told it is to punish them for mistreating their people. What if some other...Full Story

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