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Thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by these fashion cult faves — and they’re all $30 or less

Olivia Martin

Some of our favorite things start off as a recommendation from a friend. Whether they swear by a skin-care gem, a cleaning …

Bedouin family desperate for news on teenagers held hostage in Gaza

David Turner

Each evening, Naeema Zyadna waits for the phone to ring. Since the Israel-Hamas temporary truce deal began last week, she’s been expecting …

US stocks split as Fed’s favorite inflation gauge cools

Jessica Roberts

Pending home sales hit 20-year low With higher mortgage rates at the top of home buyers minds, less people are buying houses. …

Brace Yourself: Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5 Weighs in at 30GB and Needs 130GB of Free Space to Install

Michael Johnson

Larian has issued a warning to Baldur’s Gate 3 players ahead of today’s release of Patch 5: you’re going to need to …

Baz Luhrmann talks ‘Faraway Downs,’ dorky DiCaprio and why he wouldn’t make a Madonna biopic after ‘Elvis’

Laura Davis

While the rest of the world spent our collective COVID-19 pandemic-caused lockdown growing sourdough starters or getting really into puzzles, Baz Luhrmann …

Yahoo Sports AM: Andrew Whitworth interview

Daniel Miller

We hope you enjoy this edition of Yahoo Sports AM, our daily newsletter that keeps you up to date on all things …

NASA To Pay $1 Billion To Destroy International Space Station

Dr. Sarah Adams

The International Space Station is literally a sinking ship. Besides being a symbol of humanity’s scientific prowess and ability to cooperate, the …

U.S. Covid shot rates are low and it will be a challenge to boost them

Rachel Carter

Covid shot uptake is slumping, and vaccine makers and health experts believe vaccination rates in 2024 and beyond will likely look similar …