Cupcake piping techniques – 4 must-have piping tips

Swirls, swirls and swirls. This is where happiness begins.

Cupcakes are a favourite for many girls thanks to its cute-looking appearance. There is a range of cupcake piping techniques to help you to create beautiful designs when icing is pressed through them. When it comes to decorating tips, whether it is shell borders, intricate basket weave patterns, intricate floral arrangements, you are all covered!

Basically, the shape and the size of the tip determine the type of designs the tip will create. The number stamped on the tip also gives you a clue about its basic group and family.

Among all these tips with varying shapes and size, today I am going to recommend you four must-have tips in my opinion. These are the most used and popular tips you can come to if are interested in cupcake piping techniques.

Cupcake piping techniques – 4 piping tips to stock

The classic swirl

This most popular appearance of the cupcake is created by using a large tip with a star shape on top. To get this swirl, you start from the outside of the cupcake and rotate inwards. Overlap and cover half of the buttercream every time while you go around. To finish off, you bring the tip to the middle and lift up gently.

Go ruffly

For this design, you are looking for a tip with a flat star on the top. Repeat the technique stated above, but this time you will finish with ruffles on your cupcake.

Lovely rosy

Let the tip do all the heavy work! These intricate pretty roses are piped with a tip that has points folding over and meets in the middle. This time you perform the technique above reversely and start piping in the middle. Squeeze out a little bit and wrap around until you reach the edge. Remember to overlap slightly as you go around and lastly pull the tip away gently at the end.

Cute round blob

Aww, I can this favourite and yet it is so simple! What can be better?

You may use an open circle tip to create this look. Give a generous squeeze of buttercream in the middle until most of the cupcake is covered before you start circling and lastly finish by pulling away from the centre.

Some tips for you

  • As you all know there are two kinds of piping bags – the reusable and disposable. I personally prefer using the disposable piping bag so I do not have to deal with the mess afterwards and also keep in mind that if you do not wash your reusable nylon piping bag thoroughly you might end up with inconsistent icing next time due to the grease left, especially when you are dealing with two different types of icing.
  • Before placing buttercream icing into your piping bag, fold the bag over so you can put your buttercream nicely at the bottom without smearing along from the top.
  • Always keep you piping bag vertical to the horizon when creating swirls.
  • Practice on a greaseproof paper until you are satisfied with the swirls. You may scrape off the buttercream back to your bowl and reuse it.

Happy cupcake piping!

I hope that you liked these piping tips I recommend to you. And, at the end of the day, these cupcake piping techniques are not so difficult to be mastered!

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Lots of love!

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