Gervonta Davis vs Frank Martin fight live results, updates, highlights


Gervonta “Tank” Davis is back – and as good as ever. Davis defended his WBA lightweight title by knocking out Frank “The Ghost” Martin in the eighth round of their fight Saturday night.

The time away had no impact on his power. Davis dropped Martin with a devastating left hand to improve to 30-0. Davis had not fought since knocking out Ryan Garcia in April 2023, the 14-month layoff marking the longest break of his career. Martin fell to 18-1.

Martin turning aggressive in the center of the ring. But Davis pushing forward again. Down goes Martin! A huge left from Davis! It’s over!

Martin pops Davis with a nice jab to open the round. Davis lands a vicious body punch and Martin twirls away. He counters with a combo. Davis lands a couple of hard punches and, boy, that clock is ticking slow for Martin. The seconds feel like minutes as Davis loads up. Martin stunned by a right. Martin 67, Davis 66.

Martin still displaying good footwork and combinations – and avoiding Davis’ signature punch. Davis now cornering Martin, and landing some, too. A big left. But Martin fires back and backs up Davis. Martin 58, Davis 56.

Davis corners Martin. Not sure how long Martin can run from Davis and those granite gloves. Davis lands and Martin counters. Martin doing a reasonable good job of evading Davis. Davis smiles as Martin escapes as the round ends. Martin 49, Davis 46.

Martin doing his best to keep Davis at bay. Ducking, backpedaling and punches. Davis throws a haymaker. Will one finally land? Martin ducking and dodging again, and landing punches, too. But Davis lands a couple of withering body punches, and Martin feels it. Looks a little scared. Martin 39,  Davis 37.

Davis again the aggressor, and Martin flinches as if it fear of the KO punch. The crowd reacted, as if in collective laughter. Davis stalking, looks dangerous without even throwing a punch. Martin lands a right, stops Davis in his tracks. Albeit briefly. Martin 30, Davis 27.

Davis moving in behind that high guard. Martin unloads, but most of the punches miss. Davis lands a big shot to the body. Swings wildly. Martin clearly respecting Davis’ power and scores. Martin 20, Davis 18.

Frank Martin fires first, with both hands. Davis creeping forward, finally lets his fists fly. Martin connects, repeatedly now, and appeared to stun Davis with a left. Martin 10, Davis 9.

Ryan Garcia, who was knocked out by Gervonta Davis in April 2023, is at Davis’ fight against Frank Martin and wearing a shirt that reads “Tank’s #1 fan” on the front and “Rematch me (expletive)!” on the back.

How tall is Gervonta Davis?

Tank Davis is 5-foot-5.

Frank Martin, who wrestled and played football in high school, started boxing when he was 17 years old and started taking it more seriously at 18.

Working under the guidance of highly regarded trainer Derrick James, Frank Martin has emerged as a top contender in the 135-pound division.

You can order the fight on Prime Video ($74.95) or ($74.99). You do not need an Amazon Prime subscription to access the pay-per-view broadcast of the fight. DAZN is carrying the fight.

Frank Martin is 5-foot-8.

Gervonta Davis record 

Gevonta Davis is an undefeated 29-0 with 27 KOs in his career. 

Frank Martin record 

Martin owns an 18-0 record with 12 knockouts.

Frank Martin is from Detroit.

Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin fight predictions

  • Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports: By the middle rounds, Tank Davis will be playing catchup with Frank Martin. This time it’s too late. Prediction: Martin by split decision.   
  • Tom Gray, The Sporting News: Martin is one of the best opponents that Tank has shared a ring with. The challenger is quick, skilled and defensively switched on, so expect a very tough fight here. Prediction: Davis by split decision. 
  • Scott Christ, Bad Left Hook: Tank has the game-changing power, and Martin doesn’t. It will make will the ultimate difference. Prediction: Davis by TKO, 10th round. 
  • Ryan O’Hara, Fights Around The World: It could take Tank a few rounds to get the cobwebs out, but once things heat up, it’s only a matter of time. Prediction: Davis by TKO, 8th round. 

Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin odds 

  • BetMGM: Davis -700 favorite, Martin +450 underdog 
  • DraftKings: Davis -700, Martin +475 
  • Fan Duel: Davis -600, Martin +500 
  • Bet365: Davis -800, Martin +500 

Tank Davis knocked knocked out Ryan Garcia in the seventh round of their 2023 bout. It improved Davis’ record to 29-0, and Davis needed just 1:44 to do it.

Davis weighed in at 133.4 pounds and is fighting for the WBA lightweight title.

Frank Martin is 29 years old.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis is 29 years old.

Martin weighed in at 134.4 pounds and is fighting for the WBA lightweight title.

Martin won his last bout against Artem Haurtyunyan in July 2023.

David Benavidez looked impressive in his debut at 175 pounds, beating Oleksandr Gvozdyk by unanimous decision and winning the WBC interim light heavyweight title. He punished Gvozdyk with body punches and snapped back the Ukrainian’s head more than a few times with combinations. He also ran low on gas in the final three rounds, still dominated the seasoned Ukrainian and left the three judges impressed.

They scored it 116-112, 117-111, 119-109 for Benavidez, 27, who remained unbeaten at 29-0. Gvozdyk, the 37-year-old Ukrainian, fell to 20-2. Benavidez vs. Gvozdyk round-by-round analysis.

Gary Antuanne Russell, who had knocked out all 17 of his opponents as a pro, ran into different type of boxer: one who wouldn’t go down. Alberto Puello evaded Russell’s KO power and prevailed by split decision in their 12-round super lightweight bout. The judges scored it 109-118, 115-112, 114-113 for Puello, who won the WBC interim super lightweight challenge. Russell, the 28-year-old American, fell to 17-1. Puello, the 29-year-old Dominican, improved to 23-0. Puello vs. Russell round-by-round analysis.

Carlos Adames defended his WBC world middleweight title against Terrell Gausha with a victory by unanimous decision. The fight was short on action, but Adames showed more power and aggression during the 12-round bout. The judges scored it 119-109, 118-110 and 118-110 for Adames. Adames, the 30-year-old from the Dominican Republic, improved to 24-1. Gausha, the 36-year-old American, fell to 24-4-1. Adames vs. Gausha round-by-round analysis.

  • Round 1: Gvozdyk reading to mix it up, fires early. Benavidez counters with his jab. Benavidez stalking and attacks the body, then lands a couple of nice jabs. Benavidez 10, Gvozdyk 9.
  • Round 2: Benavidez stalking again, may be slowing  Gvozdyk with the body punches. Nice exchange between the two. Benavidez gaining control. Benavidez 20, Gvozdyk 18. 
  • Round 3: Gvozdyk firing the jab. But keeping Benavidez at bay will take more than jabs. Benavidez punishing Gvozdyk with body punches. Crowd starts to chant: “David! David!’’ Benavidez 30, Gvozdyk 27.
  • Round 4: Gvozdyk scores early. No sizzling punches, but he’s active. Giant left from Benavidez and he follows up with a powerful barrage. Benavidez  40,  Gvozdyk 36.
  • Round 5: Gvozdyk pops Benavidez early and snapped his head back. Now Benavidez making the Ukrainian pay, in particular with a speedy combination. Benavidez pouring it on now. Benavidez 50, Gvozdyk 45.
  • Round 6: Gvozdyk still looks game. Comes out throwing punches – none of which are fazing Benavidez. Now Benavidez asserts himself again with a powerful combination. Gvozdyk holding up remarkably well. Benavidez 60, Gvozdyk 54.
  • Round 7: Benavidez ripping that left hand into Gvozdyk. But the Ukrainian stands his ground. Action slows a bit. Benavidez leaning on the ropes as Gvozdyk fires. Benzvidez 70, Gvozdyk 63.
  • Round 8: Benavidez backpedaling now. Trying to draw Gvozdyk into a trap. The Ukrainian connects without ferocity but frequency. Again, Benavidez on the ropes, perhaps waiting for his tank to refuel. Benavidez 79, Gvozdyk 73.
  • Round 9: Gvozdyk’s punches landing with a little more authority. Benavidez still looks to be on cruise control. Gvozdyk fighting fire with, well, a little less fire. Benavidez 89, Gvozdyk 82.
  • Round 10: Benavidez looking fatigued and Gvozdyk looking relatively fresh. Wondering what Benavidez has in reserve here. Benavidez finishes the round strong. Benavidez 98, Gvozdyk 92.
  • Round 11: Gvozdyk keeping Benavidez on his toes with that right hand. Benavidez unloading, but Gvozdyk escapes the barrage. Benavidez 108, Gvozdyk 101. 
  • Round 12: Gvozdyk comes out strong. Benavidez still attacking the body. Both look ready for an ice bath. Benavidez 118, Gvozdyk 110.
  • Round 1: Russell stalking and throwing considerably more punches than Puello. Smart strategy? Well, he was a high school valedictorian, so probably so. Russell 10, Puello 9.
  • Round 2: Puello finds openings and connects. But Russell stays on the attack. Russell not landing as frequently as usual, but he still looks in command. Russell 20, Puello 18.
  • Round 3: Puello lands, but Russell presses the action again, eventually working Puello into a corner. Here comes Russell, unloading combinations. Puello’s left hand looks dangerous, but that’s not slowing Russell. Russell 30, Puello 27.
  • Round 4: Russell heads out with a swollen left eye. So now we know Puello’s left is landing with authority. But Russell showing his signature aggression. Puello connects with a combo that slows Russell. Russell 39, Puello 37.
  • Round 5: Puello showing more confidence. Russell undeterred, still stalking. An impressive exchange ensues. Russell 49, Puello 46.
  • Round 6: Russell adhering to the game plan. Aggressive and firing away. Stinging  punches among the array. Puello connects, and Russell pounces again. Russell 59, Puello 55.
  • Round 7: Puello connects with a hard left. Russell smiles as Puello evades him. Puello looks up to the challenge against the KO artist, Russell, even though he likely trails on points. Suddenly Russell’s backing away. Russell 68, Puello 65.
  • Round 8: Size advantage serving Puello well behind that sizzling left hand. Russell doing his best to close the distance and fight inside. Puello drills him with that left again. Russell 77, Puello 75.
  • Round 9: Referee takes away a point from Puello for holding. Man oh man. Russell charging forward as if that action has fueled him. Another terrific exchange here at the end of the round. Russell 86, Puello 84.
  • Round 10: Russell’s accuracy definitely off tonight, but he’s still stalking. But Puello fighting effectively when under attack. Russell 96, Puello 95.
  • Round 11: Puello befuddling Russell. All that assertion by Russell, it’s yet to pay off with his signature KO punch – or any real barrage. Russell fighting with urgency. Russell 105, Puello 105.
  • Round 12: Russell takes a low blow. Gonna need a beat here. He’s firing madly, and Puello counters hard. Russell 115, Puello 112.
  • Round 1: Boxers firing jabs, assessing each other. Adames unloads with an overhand right. Blocked. But the first burst of excitement. Quiet round. Adames 10, Gausha 9.
  • Round 2: More jabs and caution as the round begins. Gausha lands an overhand right, and Adames presses the action, to no avail. Adames 19, Gausha 19.
  • Round 3: Gausha staying busy with the jab, but not much landing. Adames starting to establish himself as the aggressor, but not delivering many punches. Adames 29, Gausha 28.
  • Round 4: Adames lands a body shot. And it’s worth noting given the scarcity of punches landed. Adames opening up, taking a couple of shots but landing more. Adames 39, Gausha 37.
  • Round 5: Adames enters the round having thrown only 80 punches, but they’re the more powerful punches. Adames the aggressor, but Gausha countering effectively. Adames 48, Gausha 47.
  • Round 6: Adames fires a couple of hard rights and initiates the action. Gausha fires back. But still nothing for the highlight reel. Adames through big rights, none of which are getting through. Adames 57, Gausha 57.
  • Round 7: Finally, a serious exchange of punches at the center of the ring. Now Adames unloading overhead rights, followed by stiff jabs. Gausha scoring with jabs, but Adames showing more power. Adames 67, Gausha 66.
  • Round 8: Gausha content to lean on that left jab. And Adames distinguishing himself with power. Gausha might need Olympic-style judges to pull this out unless he throws with more authority. Adames 77, Gausha 75.
  • Round 9: Adames emerges as the aggressor again. But the fighters are oddly tentative. Gausha fires away, but suddenly he’s backpedaling again. Adames 87, Gausha 84.
  • Round 10: Gausha’s trainer sends him back out with orders to be more aggressive. But it’s Adames who’s carrying out that plan. Adams corners Gausha, then has him on the ropes and can’t capitalize. But Adames initiating the action. Adames 97, Gausha 93.
  • Round 11: Gausha lands with his jab. Adames countering with big punches. Ouch. Low blow by Adames. Gausha needing some time and deep breaths before the action resumes. Adames lands a big right, above the belt, but Gausha connects with a flurry. Adames 106, Gausha 103.
  • Round 12: Adames throwing that overhand right. But not much getting through Gausha’s high guard. Gausha showing more activity before Adames pours it on. Great exchange as the round ends. Adames 115, Gausha 113.

Kyron Davis defeats Elijah Garcia by split decision

Garcia sported a cowboy hat when the scorecards were read. A good look, but not enough to persuade the judges after the 10-round super middleweight bout. They scored it 97-93, 92-98, 97-93 for Davis and Garcia suffered the first defeat of his career.

Garcia, a 21-year-old from Phoenix, fell to 16-1. Davis, a 29-year-old from Delaware, improved to 19-3-1.

Daniel Blancas defeats Aro Schwartz by TKO

This super middleweight bout was scheduled for eight rounds. Blancas altered that schedule with a first-round TKO. Blancas, the 22-year-old from Milwaukee, improved to 10-0. Schwartz, the 30-year-old from Germany, fell to 23-8-1.

Mark Magsayo defeats Eduardo Ramirez by unanimous decision

Mark Magsayo of the Philippines dominated Eduardo Ramirez of Mexico in a 10-round super featherweight bout. In the third round, Magsayo scored a knockdown. And in the fifth round, he landed a left hand that knocked out Ramirez’s mouthpiece and left blood dripping from his opponent’s mouth. The judges scored it 97-92, 97-92, 99-90 for Magsayo. Magsayo, 28, improved to 25-2. Eduardo Ramirez, 31, fell to 28-4-3.

Margaret Whitmore defeats Mia Ellis by majority decision

At 31, Whitmore started her pro boxing career in January. Now she’s 3-0. Whitmore won by majority decision, outdueling the more experienced Ellis in the four-round super featherweight fight. The judges scored it 38-38, 39-37, 39-37 for Whitmore. Ellis, 24, fell to 7-3.

Justin Viloria defeats Angel Contreras by TKO

Justin Viloria, a self-described “body snatcher,” dropped Contreras three times with – what else? – body shots. The last one came in the fifth round, when the referee stopped the super featherweight bout. Viloria, a 19-year-old southpaw from Whitter, Calif., improved to 6-0 with four knockouts. Contreras, the 30-year-old Mexican, fell to 15-9-2.

Brayan Gonzalez defeats James Mulder by unanimous decision

Making his debut, the 18-year-old Gonzalez won every round on the scorecards in the four-round super bantamweight bout against Mulder. It was a impressive outing for Gonzalez, a 5-8 southpaw from Phoenix, Ariz. Mulder, the 29-year-old from Antioch Calif., fell to 0-2.

Reina Tellez defeats Beata Dudek by unanimous decision

The 5-foot Tellez, seven inches shorter than Dudek, nonetheless controlled the four-round featherweight bout. Tellez, a 21-year-old American, improved to 8-0-1. Dudek, a 31-year-old Hungarian, fell to 4-2.


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