Key Issues in International Survey Research


In the assessment of what the wealth of textbooks on accomplishing empirical research seem to indicate, the actual Research approach is quite messy.

From this perspective, embarking on a cross-national Key Issues in International Survey Research research project introduces many greater dilemmas.

In this paper, we attempt to find out the issues within side the extra detail and offer viable solutions to address them.

While cross-cultural studies are not confined to survey research but includes diverse qualitative techniques of data collection.

See Marschan-Piekkari & Welch, 2004 for a terrific evaluation we attended our communication on the collection of world and cross-cultural data through questionnaires.


We begin with the resource of the use of identifying key methodological worrying conditions in cross-cultural survey research.

Subsequently, we describe several examine practices to address the ones worrying conditions, structuring our communication along the numerous stages of the research approach.


Methodological Challenges in Cross-Cultural Research

Compared with home studies, worldwide society studies face additional method disputes that, if currently not nicely addressed, can also drastically grow the danger of inferential errors.

Indeed, the literature emphasizes that constructs and ideas can also entail culture-precise attributes and meanings.

Which wish to be expressly taken into thought to make an exact sound interpretation of social data?

In a comparable vein, there’s proof that the language of the form impacts the style respondents solve the equal question that argues con to exploitation single-language surveying.

These arguments need society researchers to consistently come upon equivalence in phrases in their following constructs, measures, and samples.

To decide that method issues are most relevant, it’s far critical to symbolize a given study task in phrases of its technique to social studies.

In this regard, Adler distinguishes among six orientations to investigate society management issues – parochial, ethnocentric, polycentric, comparative, geocentric, and synergistic studies.


The processes and their basic traits are compiled.

Data Access and Study Population

Any studies project is relying on getting access to sufficient information as a way to address the studies questions of the hobby.

In an international studies context, information access issues now not genuinely securing the right sample but additionally.

Making certain that everybody’s information can be feasibly collected given the more price that is worried in cross-border mail, phone, and fax correspondence.

The survey population is an essential concept in empirical studies as it determines the set of entities from which the sample can be drawn and affects every the internal and doors validity of a study’s results.

Internal validity refers to the extent to which the manipulation of an independent variable is the most effective motive of extruding in a longtime variable.

In contrast, doors validity issues the generalizability of the results to the out of doors environment.

A systematic way to emerge as aware about all companies that form part of the aim population is the usage of databases with information on corporation profiles and respective contact information in mixture with the community offers with books.

In most instances, it is extra appropriate to address a request letter or e-mail to each the coping with the director or if a person employees feature because the primary unit of evaluation, the HR director.

As coping with directors rotate regularly and address databases may not be regularly updated, it is beneficial to confirm the private information preceding sending out the request.

Given that response costs from cold calls will be predisposed to below, distinct strategies are vital to gain information access.

For instance, it is beneficial to touch international professional companies, attend international academic conferences that area strong interest on practitioner troubles, or participate in conferences hosted with the aid of using manner of the method of business company schools.

Finally, research that entails developing worldwide places are plagued with the aid of using approaches of more disturbing conditions in which information access include lack of communication infrastructure and literacy problems.

Survey Development

When developing a survey, methodological issues require precise hobby in a worldwide research context:

preference of survey type, the use of measurement scales that capture the same requirements at some point of cultures, and survey language.

We will talk about each one after the opposite inside facet in the subsequent sections.

Survey type

Different techniques of survey control exist, especially surveying thru the manner of the method of face-to-face interview, telecellsmartphone, fax, mail, and internet.


In the case of massive-scale international survey research, every face-to-face and make contact with interviews are commonly now not viable in terms of the fees involved.

Additionally, huge time-vicinity versions most of the researcher’s and the respondents’ vicinity restrained them to have a time frame for scheduling and carrying out telecellsmartphone conversations.

In a similar vein, the scarce research assessing the effectiveness of fax surveys advocate that their response fees have a propensity to be lower than traditional mail surveys (Tse & Ching, 1994).

These limitations have led the majority of world researchers to rely upon paper-and-pencil surveys administered thru manner of the method of postal mail.

However, traditional mail surveys are not without problems. Mailing times can be huge, because of this delaying the information collection process.

Also, the use of international pay-as-you-move postal coupons affords widespread greater fees to the research project and there can be some problems about the reliability of postal services in lots much less advanced countries.

In this vein, researchers increasingly emphasizing the use of internet-based totally definitely surveys as an effective alternative.

Especially for research protective a massive form of numerous cultures and addressing respondents that very own unrestricted get proper of access to broadband internet connections, web-based surveys appear a fruitful approach.


Survey Process and Response Rates

Similar to survey development, the survey and statistics series technique is probable to additionally require considerably extra time than in-home research.

This isn’t always the least because of the want to manipulate exclusive language variations of the questionnaire, coordinate.

with us of collaborators, and, in a few cases, even appoint an exclusive method of survey management intending to accommodate respondents’ exclusive tiers of technological proficiency.



Perfect instances for dispensing the survey may also range throughout nations. For example, nations have exclusive public holidays, exclusive.

Height excursion periods, or even vary in phrases in their give up of monetary yr dates, which generally correspond to an elevated workload for employees.




However, the timing of the statistics series now no longer handiest impacts its general duration however also can affect the results.

Research, for instance, has proven that the Sep 11 assaults had an effect on cultural values and the extent of cosmopolitanism of U.S. college students.

Data Analysis and Publication

In this regard, several statistical procedures were superior to test for and installation cross-cultural equivalence.

The first set of techniques are based mostly on the item response idea which examines statistical relationships amongst item responses and the latent attributes which may be reflected with the useful resource of the usage of combinations of particular items.

If the one’s statistical relationships and for this reason item response distributions show similar patterns for constructs measured in unique languages, it’s far assumed that bring together equivalence is possible.

In a unique vein, Riordan and Vandenberg exercise a covariance form analytic technique to test the stability and transferability of self-report measures in cross-cultural research.



Conducting extensive international survey research is prone to greater troubles and complexities and might results easily discourage researchers from commencing cross-cultural inquiry withinside the primary place.

Given the one’s troubles, many areas withinside the field of world manage are even though in massive element under-researched and provide ok opportunities to expand our expertise in this domain.

We desire that with the resource of the use of identifying some of the essential factor troubles in international survey research and supplying several solutions we can promote such future research.

Addressing the problems raised in this paper will contribute to more rigid and sound conduct of studies during cultures.





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