Public health focused on a healthy public — understanding what the department does | Western Colorado

The Mesa County Department of Public Health isn’t just about monitoring infectious diseases, air quality or the opioid epidemic.

It doesn’t just exist to help deal with outbreaks of viruses, issue no-burn warnings, help women get the services they need to have a healthy pregnancy or get the food they need for their newborns.

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kAmp55:E:@?2==J[ E96 56A2CE>6?E @A6C2E6D 2 7F== =23@C2E@CJ E92E E6DED H2E6C BF2=:EJ 7@C DF49 E9:?8D 2D t] 4@=: 2?5 4@=:7@C>[ 2?5 @776CD H2E6C E6DE <:ED E@ =2?5@H?6CD 2?5 C62= 6DE2E6 286?ED 7@C E6DE:?8 H6==D @C 4:DE6C?D]k^Am

kAmzF9C D2JD E92E 2== @7 E96 E9:?8D E96 56A2CE>6?E EC:6D E@ 5@ 😀 E@ 86E 2D >2?J @E96CD 2D A@DD:3=6 @FED:56 @7 E96 56A2CE>6?E H@C<:?8 E@H2C5 E96 D2>6 8@2=[ 2 962=E9J 4@>>F?:EJ]k^Am

kAm“(6’5 C2E96C H@C< H:E9 =@42= A2CE?6CD E@ >2<6 2? :>A24E @? E96 E9:?8D E92E 42FD6 9:89 DEC6DD 😕 E96 7:CDE A=246i =@HA2J:?8 ;@3D[ EC2?DA@CE2E:@?[ 2446DD E@ 27E6CD49@@= 24E:G:E:6D[ 277@C523=6 9@FD:?8[” 96 D2:5] “x7 H6 C65F46 E96 DEC6DD E@ 368:? H:E9[ H6’== D66 =6DD >6?E2= 962=E9 :DDF6D] (92E >2<6D >@C6 D6?D6[ DA6?5:?8 Sad >:==:@? E@ 6IA2?5 E96 =@42= ;2:=[ @C :?G6DE:?8 S`_ >:==:@? 😕 AC@G:5:?8 7F== 2446DD E@ BF2=:EJ 62C=J 49:=59@@5 65F42E:@?n”k^Am

kAmu@C >@C6 :?7@C>2E:@? @? 6G6CJE9:?8 E96 56A2CE>6?E 5@6D[ 8@ E@ k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^962=E9]>6D24@F?EJ]FDQm962=E9]>6D24@F?EJ]FDk^2m]k^Am



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