Should I get a certified business analysis?

In today’s fast paced and rapidly changing world it is necessary for organizations to meet the needs of the market, strategizing and adapting as quickly as possible in order to stay afloat.

Business Analysis (BA) refers to determining the introduction and management of change in organizations including governments, profit and non-profit businesses. They play a crucial role in helping companies fix outdated processes and adopt new ones. Business analysis is used to identify and implement changes in how organizations roll, also to initiate the facilitation of that change and offer clarifications that assist in maximising the profit made by the company. They work across different levels of an organization and are most likely to be involved in the company’s affairs, in mostly everything, from strategy to leadership. They are trained professionals with exclusive knowledge gained from great work experience and the perfect guide to accompany the business along an untrodden path. With the correct use of business analytics they help the organization realize their benefits and shortcomings to help them do better in the future.

What does Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) mean?

CBAP is an executive certification course on business analysis, provided by the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) and is suited for professionals having a broad knowledge and vast experience in the practical business sector. It is a highly reputed certification in the areas of system analysis, business and consulting and business analysis. This exam tests for the understanding and practical implementation of the concepts in the BABoK (Business Analysis Book of Knowledge) developed by the IIBA – the global BA certifying body.

In comparison to PMP (Project Manager Professional) who aim at improving their project management knowledge, CBAP is the most rooted option as the work of these professionals will involve only deeper Business Analysis.

Levels of CBPA

There are distinct levels that can be cleared with the increase in an individual’s practical work experience.

Level  I

Entry to Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) is an exclusive course for individuals stepping into the business arena and has proven helpful to become a reputed business analyst.

Level  II

Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA) is a course for business analysis professionals having 2-3 years of practical work experience and helps individuals recognize their ability to take on larger and much more complex project accountability.




Level  III

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBPA) is an exquisite course catering to business analysts having over 5 years of experience in the BA field to help them broaden their horizons and legitimize their productivity and capability.


Potential CBAP applicants (Eligibility)

This program is suited for individuals with an innate ability and extensive curiosity in the analyzing of data and crucially in the application of the analyzed data with the means of a strategic plan.

Individuals who are most likely to fit his bill include:

  • Business Analytics professionals
  • Trainers
  • Those bearing ECBA and CCBA certifications
  • Non-BA certified persons

Skills required

Adept business judgement

Data and analytical skills

Critical and creative thinking for phases where we undergo tunnel vision

Technical knowledge

Leadership and work ethic skills

Communication and people handling skills

Value of CBPA certification

Every industry requires you to work hard for the very credential of a genuine resource, which the company doesn’t have to pay for. This is the same for Business Analysis where IIBA has become a leading pioneer for business analyst tasks.

Benefits of CBAP

Beyond the horizons of your perspective

CBAP is a course that helps you dig deep into the several thought provoking financial questions and encourages you to think outside the box. It is extensively recognized for the practical knowledge and skill set it helps inculcate in business analysts.

Promising opportunities and hiked pay scale

With this certification individuals are constantly exposed to better advancing opportunities making their services to organizations indispensable. CBAP certified professionals earn a whopping 16% more than just BA individuals. This certification increases the chances of a potentially higher income for being recognized as an experienced business analysis professional.

Outstanding reputation

This course is recognized world-wide as the best step up from a regular business analysis job and the promotion of an individual taking this certification goes on to prove his/her decadent abilities in business analysis. This elevates the individual’s self-confidence and exposes to a completely different league of senior professionals and advisors where he/she is mutually respected and recognized for his/her abilities. This proves to be an excellent platform for networking, interaction and connecting with various professionals in the same field.

Job Satisfaction

With greater self-confidence, commitment, respect, recognition and accountability, these individuals tend to be largely satisfied with their jobs and the challenges it has to offer. They foray the tools and skill set to discharge their duties with utmost professionalism making them extensively content individuals.

This certification sparks hopes of a promising future for the applicant with the required and sane ability to deal at different layers with an organization, while confidently carrying on their roles and responsibilities ensuring nothing but the best for their client.

These individuals constantly work with their clients to show them data patterns alongside product performance, providing insights headed towards improvements in all aspects – good and bad data which always shows the true story of success of an organization. This showcases areas of both positive trends and of potential improvement.

Finding the right business analyst role requires copious amounts of patience and diligence, this must be backed up with an inventory of information and reliable resources to understand the variety of roles their profession expects them to fulfil. Keeping up on recent happenings and new methods is very crucial and only adds to the asset of your pre-existing knowledge. No matter how much experience, never be too afraid to ask questions, contemplate and improvise according to the current needs of your job.

To conclude, this certification offers you a very promising and bright future, if and only if, you are guided into the right direction to fully materialize your dreams.

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