Strong mind, body, and heart: How to achieve balance, happiness, and satisfaction in your life

The idea of achieving a balanced life can be overwhelming, considering the wheel of life (health and fitness, career and work, fun and recreation, environment, community, family and friends, partner and love, personal north and learning, money and finances and spirituality), especially if you don’t know what you should be aiming for and how to start. You can also be confused about how social media portrays a well-balanced and perfect life nowadays of some stress-free, beautiful people who can comfortably buy the things they want and travel to all these amazing places in the world whenever they wish to. In truth, you are the only one who can perfectly define and describe what a balanced life is for you. And keep in mind that you learn the best things in life through trial and error. 

Living a balanced life is all about experiencing FLOW in your life. It’s when you encounter the right type and amount of challenge that can match your skills and abilities at the right time, leading to satisfaction and growth. But you need to savor and center your mind on that wonderful feeling that you are experiencing at the moment. Otherwise, you can never achieve happiness and you will always feel restless and discontented with your life.

Regardless of your current condition, lifestyle, or socioeconomic status, believe that you can achieve the best life that you deserve so you can give more to your loved ones and be an instrument in making this world a better place to live. However, you need to work on it on a daily basis while being open to the worst challenges and unforeseen changes that may come your way. Most importantly, you need to make efforts to achieve your best health by taking good care of your mind, body, and heart.

Learn how to adapt to changes and be flexible

Recognize the changes that are happening around you, then take a moment to breathe and pause. Acknowledge and accept your situation right now. Changes can happen anytime. Just like what happened to us during the pandemic, we needed to adapt to the situation to survive.

Stop complaining for too long. Don’t worry too much about the things you can’t have right now and the situations you don’t have control over. Live in the moment, learn from the past, be hopeful for the future and move on. You can never find true happiness if you can’t see an ounce of positivity in your current life condition. A healthy attitude can save you from stress, worries, and sickness.

Sometimes you just need to let go for a while without feeling guilty about it because, in reality, life can never be perfect. Achiever or not, you can still fail in other aspects of life. Don’t let your shortcomings affect your drive to continue reaching for your goals. Always remember that mistakes, failures, and disappointments are all part of life that can help find your balance, happiness, and life satisfaction. 

Respect your uniqueness

Accept that you are unique. Stop comparing yourself with others. You perceive life satisfaction totally differently from others. 

You need to embrace your strengths and make efforts to improve your weaknesses. Your uniqueness is your ultimate tool to make a big difference in the lives of others. You just need to work extra hard to emphasize your potential and intensify the skills that you have.

Take a moment to sit and write down the things that you need to do to achieve your happy life goals (own a new house away from the city, travel in your dream country with your loved ones, or pursue your mission of serving poor families). Then reflect on your good qualities that can make these things happen. Also, identify possible challenges and obstacles that can be the result of your weaknesses. Lastly, create your own life map, with full confidence and love for yourself while being inspired by the most positive people around you. 

Increase your self-awareness and have a solid plan with your goals

How much time do you want to spend for your ‘me time’, with your family, with fitness activities, work, and leisure? Make time to become fully aware of your behavior and habits so you can create a clearer picture of what an ideal balanced day looks like for you.

Know what’s important to you by now then learn to prioritize things while being firm with your game plan. Create strategies so you won’t be easily influenced and manipulated by other people and by the latest technology.  Being assertive- learn how to say NO and have the discipline to manage your time well while with others. Manage your time or stay away from constant distractions such as social media, television watching, gaming, and gossiping. 

Always visualize the type of success you’ll always feel happy about. Don’t stop learning and growing. Get enough nourishment mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally so you can push your goals and be the best that you can be. Again, make plans and write everything down. 

Prioritize health, but listen to your body

Every week, I write health and wellness articles to motivate readers to live healthy lifestyles. Every day, I deal with clients to maintain or improve their fitness level and/or improve their eating behavior and embrace healthy living. I constantly try to make efforts to maintain a good balance in my life and lifestyle so I can still continue doing these things, so I can give more and effectively influence people. As much as possible I try to avoid work overload, which can lead to burnout and health issues. Rest, recovery, and recreation are very important ingredients in maintaining life balance.

Prioritize your health by having the right dose of movement to stimulate your body, eating the right type and amount of healthy foods that can strengthen your immune system, and getting the right amount of rest and sleep that can improve your overall health and well-being. Refrain from unhealthy eating practices (overeating, food restriction, and/or long-term fasting) that disrupt the balance in your whole system, affecting your hormones, moods, and energy level. Don’t punish yourself with too much exercise only to realize in the end the negative effects it can bring to your health (injuries, food cravings, and exercise obsession). 

Find the right balance between food, exercise, and rest. If you need to take a break, go ahead and schedule your most-needed vacation.

Get involved, ask for support and show gratitude

Achieving balance is also about learning more about what’s currently happening,  by exploring the world around you and by getting involved with your own community. Take some time and effort to CONNECT- learn from others and share what you know and what you have and you’ll be amazed to experience that feeling of completeness.

You need others to find more meaning and happiness in life. Give care, love, help, and hope to those who are in need, but don’t hesitate to ask for support from others, when needed, as well so you can feel the balance and harmony in your life. You give…but you can also receive.

Pray and always give thanks. Never ever take things for granted. Always find beauty in everything that is given to you (material things, your talents and skill sets, and the people around you). Count your blessings and always show gratitude to everyone around you. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done at the end of the day and reward yourself with a relaxing sleep, a massage, or a simple dinner date with the whole family.


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