Ear doctor demonstrates how to safely remove stubborn earwax

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The Increasing Trumpification of TikTok

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Donald Trump isn’t on TikTok. And he may not need to be, as his allies and surrogates transform it in his favor. ...

‘Extremely painful’ ice-chewing risks revealed by dentists

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Is Martin Short on TikTok? Only when Selena Gomez shows him ‘something that makes her laugh,’ he says.

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Affordable Ozempic dupe costs just $5 at your local gas station

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No need to shell out over $1000 a month for Ozempic — there’s a gas station dupe that’ll cost you just $5. Zyn ...

‘Love rat’ investigator says she uses one ‘loyalty check’ to test if someone’s partner is faithful

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When TikTok therapy is more lucrative than seeing clients

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Border Collie Messi arrives at Cannes Film Festival: Pooch who starred in Anatomy of a Fall and took the Oscars by storm poses on red carpet and uses selfie stick to film TikToks

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Billionaire Frank McCourt Planning Bid To Acquire TikTok’s U.S. Operations

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Frank McCourt, the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, this week announced he is putting together a bid to buy the ...

Facing Hill pressure, tech group kicks out TikTok

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As TikTok kicked off its high-stakes court fight with the government this week, it unexpectedly lost one of its few remaining allies ...