The Best Mediacom Packages

Mediacom offers services in Illinois, Georgia, Iowa, and 19 other U.S. states and has a total population of around 7.5 million in its network footprint. The provider has got amazing packages and deals at reasonable rates to fulfill all your internet, digital television, and home phone needs.

Remember, availability of Mediacom plans may vary depending on your geographic location and other ongoing deals or promotions. Read on to learn about the best Mediacom plans and packages available in the United States.

Best Mediacom Internet Packages

Which Mediacom internet plan is the best overall? Well, that depends on your internet usage, needs, and preferences. Mediacom offers three main internet packages with prices starting from $49.99/mo. and going all the way to $79.99/mo.

You can do a plenty of things like HD streaming and gaming with even the basic Mediacom internet plan i.e. Internet 100. It brings at your disposal download speeds up to 100 Mbps with a 400 GB monthly data limit. This plan is ideal for individuals, couples, and smaller households with young kids.

However, if you live for 4K streaming and gaming, we would recommend you go for Mediacom 1 Gig plan. It offers download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps with a 6,000 GB data cap. It is perfect for digital adventurers who share space with like-minded roommates and family members.

Best Mediacom TV Packages

Mediacom does not offer any standalone TV or phone packages. However, but all of the provider’s TV bundles include a set-top box with more than 170 channels. With every bundle, subscribers also get the facility to make unlimited calls nationwide. Note that the prices of these bundle deals depend upon the download speeds you choose.

So, which Mediacom TV bundle is the best for you? We would recommend you sign up for the Xtream bundles as each plan comes with internet, Wi-Fi, unlimited nationwide calling, an Xtream voice remote, and a TiVo receiver. The only thing that varies in each bundle is the internet speed.

Another appealing feature included in Mediacom Xtream is that it allows you to use the internet on TV and even see phone calls on your TV screen. So, you can decide if you really want to get off the bed if a telemarketer is calling. Take a look at what you should expect from Mediacom Xtream bundles:

Bundle Download speed Number of TV channels Price
Xtream Internet 300 with Variety TV & Phone 300 Mbps with powerful in home Wi-Fi 170+ $119.99/mo.

Xtream Internet 1 GIG
Variety TV & Phone


1 Gbps with powerful in home Wi-Fi 170+ $139.99/mo.

Best Mediacom Packages

It is difficult to recommend one specific package, but here are three necessary steps to keep in mind if you are struggling to decide on the service that is suitable for you:

  • Consider your internet usage needs,
  • Consider the length of your contract,
  • Look for the final rate after the end of promotional period.

Bottom Line

Mediacom plans and speeds are neck-and-neck compared to those of its competitors. So, it is safe to say that its subscribers are generally satisfied and content with the services they get. You can also become one of its happy customers by ordering the deals that best suit your needs.

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