The role of engineering in national development cooperation

What does Engineering contribute to society? Why do we insist so much on the need to bet on engineering research? We analyze the role of Engineering in cooperation for national development as a society and its influence.

What is the role of engineering in national development cooperation?

The engineer has a strong social commitment: to put his knowledge and his ingenuity at the service of creating innovative solutions for different problems. Part of our work is to learn to optimize any process and system that helps society improve.

To do this, we use all the knowledge that we have accumulated as process engineers, identifying the fields or small areas of influence in which we have experience, such as the automation of industrial processes, and thus find creative and innovative solutions.

In this task we use two powerful weapons: applied intelligence and the most audacious technology. With this, we take any idea that science contributes to the extreme to take it to the field of real application. In short, we are a vehicle for the transmission of ideas into realities.

Engineering social responsibility in development cooperation

As an industrial engineering company in Valladolid, we feel a great social responsibility towards cooperation for local development, as a local company, but also at the national level, since we contribute our projects to companies throughout the Spanish geography.

And we do it from the perspective and belief that the activities of any engineering must be based on the objective of a socially just and ecologically sustainable human development.

We feel as our own the duty to contribute that knowledge that society has provided us with in human interest creations. These are the principles that move us every day to take each project to the limit of our capabilities: it is the best way to remain a benchmark in process engineering.

Innovation for development

The development of a country is measured by its capacity for innovation and competitiveness. The contribution of engineering has a lot to say in both elements, whether as civil engineering, ultimately responsible for creating infrastructures, environmental engineering, providing solutions to environmental challenges or engineering applied to the economy, by creating innovative responses in the company that they revert to. the benefit of the general economy.

Since the professionalization of engineering in the nineteenth century, engineers are key players in the game of national competitiveness. And they are for these three areas:


The relationship between engineering and health is as old as humanity. Advances in medical technology are based on the application of science by technologists. In this sense, engineering contributes its method and philosophy to understand medical problems and generate solutions from knowledge and technology.

Technology and communications

Engineering is behind the great advances in technology in the day-to-day life of society. As a collective, together with other technologists, we have taken man into space and made it possible to communicate with those who are there. Collaterally, this solution allows us to understand the world we live in and the challenges we still have to face.


This is what all engineering work and its role in cooperation for national development translate into. Each of the steps that an engineer takes to face a challenge has the objective of making the company or the country for which they develop their ingenuity competitive.

Collective responsibility, individual responsibility

Ultimately, each team of engineers has, in turn, a collective responsibility for society, as we have seen, but there is also an individual responsibility, that of the professional who lives, observes and studies the context in which they develop. your potential ingenuity.

Engineers have completely changed the world: we are responsible, collectively and individually, for the appearance of modern constructions such as bridges, but also for the advancement in fields such as space travel or the development of next-generation automobiles.

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