Toddlers in the tub: 8 ways to take the stress out of bath time

Getting toddlers in the bathroom is very challenging. But bathing them is necessary for their hygiene. Children are good fans of rubber ducks. Moreover, small kids, but there are many ways to make their bath time unique and compelling.

From colorful bath paints to a good cartoon sing-song, that will make their mood enlighten, and it will be more fun.

Here we are discussing eight unique ways to take the stress out of bath time:

  1. Readout/ Tell a story

Before diving into a bathtub, make sure to know at least one story. The story can be anything, but make sure that not repetitive. Most toddlers love suspense stories, as these stories are not dull and monotonous. It will keep them imagining and thinking about the end.

Otherwise, you can pick up any storybook, make sure to waterproof, and let them read the story in the bathtub. In between, you can ask a little question about that story, which is interesting. Ensuite bathroom are great for this turn-on YouTube in the bedroom and let the story keep running in the background.

  1. Splashing, taking a bath

Give your toddler a small water container so that they can splash the water. If arranging another water tub is not possible, the bathtub is also a good option. But make sure of the water level, you have too careful here.

Splashing on the face and the body will make the bath time appealing. Let them also splash on you, enjoy time with them.

  1. Playing the ‘Bubble Game’

You can play a game with the- ‘Bubble game’. By pouring shampoo into the tub can make a bubble. While they are busy in-game, wash their hair with shampoo. Later, rinse off the water and fill it out with new water.

  1. Toys Washing Time

Tell your children that their toys should have a bath too. Otherwise, they will get dirty and may smell bad. Washing toys in the tub while having a bath is also a unique and easy way to clean your child. Let them wash their toys meanwhile you can give bath to them. There is the best way as it is entertaining to them and it will cause you less overhead.

  1. Singing a song

Ask your children to sing his/her favorite song. Regardless of whether you have got a good singing voice or not, sing with them. Singing songs with little weaving hands, moving of the head can make their bath time more fun.

  1. Hit conversation with them

Making conversation with your child is an easy way to take the stress out of bath time. Ask them these questions and let them answer:

  1. What did they have done in the day?
  2. How was their day going?
  3. What new things did they learn?
  4. What is their friend’s name? Who is the best friend? Where they all live?

These questions are interesting and engaging. It is helpful to keep your child busy in answering meanwhile you can give bath to them.

  1. Freshener Soap, Shampoo

Unlike adults, toddlers hate the same soap every day.

Ditch using the same soap and shampoo. Always keep swapping the soap of your toddler. Children get bored with the same smell.

Buy different products, try them and ask if they love this fragrance of shampoo. The perfume will alleviate their mood and make them fresh.

  1. Get organized

Always be prepared with the things you will try out. You do not need pen paper to make a schedule, but you should know, what is the next thing you will try. Be always prepared and organized. Be equipped with the right things. That will help you to get your child inside and outside of the bathtub. If you have an ensuite bathroom turn on some music in the bedroom.

Bringing a little bit of play with toys or soft toys will keep their bath time enjoying. All these tips and tricky methods will help you to take the stress out of bath time. Your toddler will make busy. Meantime you can get them clean with shampoo and soap.

This is the best way as it is entertaining to them and it will cause you less overhead.

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