Use Gel Eyeliner to Get Long-Lasting & Ideal Coverage for Hours 6th Street Discount on Quality Crease-proof Eyeliners & Brushes

Without doing eye makeup, you cannot get an attention-grabbing look. Use of eyeliner, some coats of liquid mascara and eyeshades are enough to change your ordinary look to mesmerizing for others. It depends on your choice to pick tight-lining eyeliner method with the help of liquid or pencil liner. There are a wide range of formulas to choose from and Gel Eyeliner is considered the best among them. Get 6th Street discount code to select black, gold, brown, green or purple shades for ideal coverage and crease-proof, smudge-free long-term finish.

Distinctions of Gel & Liquid Liner

  • Gel Liner

Usually little pots are used to pack gel liner. It has creamier and thicker uniformity that requires a small size brush for applying the gel liner to develop a winged line. If you are an inexperienced person, it is recommended to take a start with gel liner as it is perfect for beginners. Even if you are imperfect in applying the liner, the gel material can cover the flaws and move properly round the eyes. With the help of gel based liner, it is quite simple to develop an attractive line. Just pick the right size of brush and your desired color intensity as well as line thickness and enjoy an appealing look throughout the day.

  • Liquid Liner

It is similar to a pen; however you can find out eyeliners having a small size brush just to make a line. Whatever is the formulation, the liquid based liner is watery than that of gel liner. Moreover, it does not offer creamy application. It is a precise type of liner, helpful for making perfect and well-defined look. Apply the liquid eyeliner if you are excited for getting a dramatic look and real statement. Always remember that liquid based liners are buildable, so if you try to give more than one coat, it will give a streaky look. Use the liquid eyeliner if you are professional and understand how to make an impressive line with single coat.

Right Way to Apply Gel Eyeliner

Always keep quality gel eyeliner in your makeup kit. Right formula glides perfectly to give a precise and clean line. In addition, it gives high-shine defined finish from sunrise to sunset. The long-lasting gel liners are available with a brush. If you are inexpert, just pick the gel liner for high intensity color and well-defined appearance. Just utilize 6th street discount code and receive the gel liner in various shades on discount price. In order to apply gel eyeliner in a flawless way, keep in mind some tips for effective result.

  1. Pick the Right Size Brush

When you have selected gel eyeliner, it is necessary to pick the right size of brush for effective outcome. For winged look, it is better to single out an angled shape brush. It is supportive in getting sharp wing and precise shape. If you want to line up the lower lash, you are recommended to select eyeliner flat brush for perfect result. If your intentions are to get sultry and smudged look with the eyeliner, use the gel eyeliner through flat top soft brush and then smudge brush just to improve the line.

  1. Fix the Liner

As the gel eyeliner has creamy texture, it is better to set your liner after a perfect application. To achieve your goal, get the support of black eyeshade over the eyeliner. You can obtain your target by using a setting spray

  1. Time to Dry the Liner

As compared to liquid eyeliner, the gel liner is not much watery in form. Still, it needs a few seconds to get dry. After using gel liner, you have to wait a few moments and then begin the next makeup step. It will help in getting an undesired spread or smudge.

  1. Little is Sufficient

If you have to use your makeup for hours, it is not sensible to apply a thick texture. Little use of gel liner is enough for long duration. Keep an eye and use a brush when you feel to add a coat for high shine line. Use of too much gel will lead to messy and chunky type of line. It is reasonable to apply short and feathered pats crossways the area and then utilize the final brush to get seamless and smooth look. For small eyes, use the liner intensity outside the eye, whereas wide eyes need the intensity in the direction of nose ridge.

  1. Gel Liner is Perfect for Cat Eye

Definitely, gel liners are used to enjoy a variety of line techniques; however, it is perfect for winged or cat eye look. Apart from long-lasting product, pick tapered and smooth brush to get customized shape. You are capable to find the smudge-free gel eyeliner and a variety of brushes on affordable rate. Just mention 6th street discount code and enjoy within budget shopping.

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