Virtual Learning Struggles and How To Overcome Them

It’s a misconception, that online degrees are easier than their on-campus counterparts. An online program demands the same focus and motivation as is required in a traditional classroom setting. Additionally, when you factor in additional distractions such as children being at home while you are taking classes, the workload becomes even more challenging.

1. Common Virtual Learning Struggles

The nature of online learning puts many unique demands on students. As if raising your hand in class wasn’t stressful enough, students now need to wait for virtual office hours or write emails, but this is only the beginning of distance learning struggles.

Underestimating how much time things take

Students who struggle with organization, time management and prioritization often find it challenging to organize their time without physical indicators such as a school bell or simply the change of classrooms. Learning remotely can make things seem intangible that we easily lose track of time and end up unable to complete our tasks on time.

Lack of focus

Without actually having to go to school, our minds aren’t able to switch to the learning mode, especially with so many household distractions around.


By not switching the environment, students might feel like they are working constantly and find it difficult to unplug. Teens with anxiety may feel guilty about taking breaks or think that breaks are ineffective and result in precious homework time lost.

2. Tips To Stay Successful With Virtual Learning

It’s up to you to set yourself up for success.

Get organized

Glance over the syllabus and make good use of your time management skills. Factor in prior commitments that may interfere with your studying so make a schedule to ensure you have plenty of time for assignments. Break up your workload into chunks and make it part of your weekly routine.

Find your study style

If you’re a morning person, make time to study first thing in the morning. If you’re a night owl, work your schedule around it. You will get much more accomplished if you work your schedule around your most productive hours.

Make quality sleep a priority

Getting the right amount of quality sleep is a must because taking in new information will be easier and your memory will be better. When a deadline is looming, it can often be tempting to sacrifice sleep to cram more study time in, but this can be detrimental to your health. Instead, focus on regulating your sleep patterns by going to bed at the same time each night and making a sleep-friendly environment. It can be as simple as getting blackout curtains that block out light and also help to increase the insulation of the room and therefore, cut down on your NJ natural gas costs.

3. Mental Health and Self Care Tips for Remote Learners

Even while studying, it’s important to listen to your body and treat yourself with regular self-care.

Give yourself the right fuel

Besides having a balanced diet, drinking lots of water is just as important.


Learning is an exercise for the mind. Don’t forget that sitting is the new smoking and your body needs to exercise too. Research has shown that even exercising for just 15 minutes a day can reduce stress and help you be more productive.


You need to make the time to relax and pamper yourself after a job well done. You can pamper yourself with a hot bath, watch a movie or just do anything that gives you joy. All that matters is that you remember to take a rest from your studies and enjoy a well-deserved break so you can continue refreshed.


Online courses allow you to learn whenever, wherever, and however works best for you, making it easier to earn a degree while balancing life commitments. But adjusting to the nuances of distance learning can take some getting used to. By being organized, proactive, and self-aware, you can get the most from your online classes. Do whatever you need to do to get into the zone, don’t forget to take care of yourself and get down to business.

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